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The Organization

we eschew traditional literary messages

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A shared-world project set in an off-kilter Edwardian world
Since 1892, the Organization has been proud to bring you, the consumer, our specially-brewed brand of pessimism. We eschew traditional literary messages in favor of more angst-filled, cynical, and bitterly unrealistic morals.

We use our unique formula of flawed characters, literary snobbery, and crazy undead shenanigans to deliver an unwholesome, vicious view of the world you thought you knew.

The Monster-Hunters are a group of writers and artists engaged in a shared-world project, set in a slightly askew history, notable primarily for things that go bump in the night. The creative output of the project ranges from serious literature to slapstick humor, but always with a streak of ironic humor and a tendency to parody/abuse old-time horror tropes.

The community varies wildly in activity levels--we're all usually in touch through other means, and much of the action these days is actually on the Official Wiki. Sometimes we still post to the comm, though. If you're interested in MH stuff it won't hurt to watch.

Currently we are not accepting members, although this may be subject to change in the future. As a shared-world project (emphatically not the same thing as your average RP) where all members are intimately involved in the worldbuilding process, there has to be a high level of trust amongst collaborators. Current participants all know each other very well, and that's what makes the project work.

If we open up to new members, there will be a post on the community about it.

Until then, feel free to watch and enjoy the crazy.